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While you will find that most of the Office applications are available in the app store on Android devices individually, they are mostly scattered and need to be downloaded one by one for use. Well, Microsoft is trying to make amends and is putting all of these Office applications under one umbrella to make it easier for users to find and use all of these tools in an integrative manner.

This beta application would comprise of the three stalwart applications of the Office suite, namely Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Not only that, but it will also offer a number of other additional features that will make life much easier for users. To begin with, you will be able to share Word documents and work on them simultaneously with multiple other team members as a collaborative group project. It will also give you access to the cloud, meaning you can easily access all of the files and documents stored on the cloud or a particular account, whether your personal or associated with your work or academic institution. You can search for any documents with ease.

With this beta app, you will also be able to scan and sign on PDF files as well as turn pictures of text into actual Word documents as well as Excel spreadsheets which you can write and edit to your will. The goal is to save you time and turn your work into an efficient process as opposed to a laborious struggle. In addition to these features, the beta app would also be integrated with sticky notes so as to allow you to take quick notes when needed and access that information easily regardless of what application you are using at a given moment. Apart from that, you can scan QR codes to open files quickly, select photos from your camera roll to make an automatic PowerPoint presentation, and convert all types of files into PDFs if needed.

It is still in the relatively early stages of its creation and it will take a little time to perfect it, but it is a great idea nonetheless. The introduction of this all-encompassing beta app will undoubtedly save a lot people tonnes of time and make working on the phone a whole lot easier than before.


Downloading Microsoft Office is an extremely easy process through the website. All you need is the key which you will receive after you have purchased a plan. Go to to enter your key and you can download your Office apps with the click of a single button.