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Microsoft is the product of choice when it comes to almost any and every business or academic sphere. Millions of people use it every day for a variety of tasks and purposes owing to the utter variety and the number of applications and tools that Office 365 offers to its subscribers. It can be downloaded with extreme ease if you have obtained your product key. The key is given to you after you have purchased a plan or subscribed to package of Microsoft Office or Office 365. After confirming the payment, you can check your email (if you purchased it online) or on the physical casing (if you went to a retail store) to locate your product key. Then go to the setup website and enter your key to get your download link.

But just as convenient and facilitative it is to use, you to be just as safe when using it so that you do not end up putting your sensitive data at major risk. Security threats run rampant in the modern world regardless of what applications you use. You never know when a risk may turn into an actual attack and put you or your associated company or institution at an even bigger threat of data loss and damage to intellectual property. Fortunately, many of these threats can be safely avoided if you simply take a few cautious steps.

To begin with, you need to ensure that you are using a good, strong password to protect your account. You may be inclined to use a weaker password because it is easier to remember, but it is much more likely to cost you your privacy if it gets in the wrong hands or if someone is able to decipher it through malware. If you have difficulty remembering, you can always use an encrypted password manager. If possible, you should also look into two factor authentication to ensure that only you are able to access the account content even if someone accidentally gets through your password. In other places, you should activate password protection to add an extra layer of safety to otherwise unsafe documents. This is especially true for Word documents.

In addition, if you are sharing your documents or giving someone a link to access your OneDrive and its contents, add an expiry date as a precaution so that after a certain amount of time, the link becomes non functional and would not cause harm if someone were to get their hands on it. You can also look into protecting your OneDrive sharing links with a password so that only certain people with the password can access it and it is not an open link or any external party to hijack.

Ultimately, a lot of your security depends on how you use your Office applications. It is a good idea to invest in a good antivirus and anti malware solution that will also help to protect your computer apps and manage your passwords.