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CAN I USE ADOBE CREATIVE CLOUD WITH POWERPOINT AND WORD? is a staple when it comes to anything pertaining to graphic design and illustrative work, making it one of the most popular and frequently used illustration applications in the world. Microsoft Office, on the other hand, is also one of the most popularly and widely used suite of applications globally, enabling subscribers to access a variety of tools that allow them to perform various tasks and functions, including the likes of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.


The recent announcement that saw Adobe and Office partnering together to create a much easier and more accessible solution for Adobe and Office users is great news, especially for illustrators and creative content creators whose bread and butter is graphic designing, logo creation, videography and photography, or any other creative, visual modality. If you access your Microsoft Office applications such as PowerPoint and Word after updating them today, you will notice a Creative Cloud Library button located at the top of the toolbar. This is where all the integrative magic happens. With a simple click of this button, you can access the Adobe Creative Cloud within Microsoft Office, allowing you to simultaneously work on the textual and the graphical component of your project with easy accessibility.

Normally, if a content creator wishes to integrate the matter they are working with on Adobe with their Word or PowerPoint document or slides, they have to go through the process of dragging stuff over, hoping it maintains its integrity, and switching between windows all the time. This can end being extremely inconvenient as well as incredibly time consuming as you spent half your time figuring out the logistics of how to make it work. With this integration between the Adobe Creative Cloud and Office applications, all you have to do is click the button at the top toolbar that says Creative Cloud library. From there, you will be taken to a page where you can access your Adobe library and easily transfer the graphics onto the document instead of having to figure out a way to import them.


If you would like to access this feature, you will have to subscribe to and purchase an Adobe as well as a Microsoft Office plan. You can go to the Adobe website, if you wish to purchase a plan and start using the illustration program. The plans start at $9.99 per month and are well worth the investment if you partake in this sort of work quite often. If you would like to use the Office application such as PowerPoint and Word, you will have to download them through Before that, you will have to purchase a subscription from the online Microsoft store. Once you have confirmed the payment, you will receive the key. Go to and enter your key to receive the download link to your apps.