2019 is the year to make the shift to a modern desktop

In this 2019 everyone have their own resolution to complete something or to do something new, most of us have our personal goals to achieve in year ahead. For those folks this is the right time to consider about to deliver modern and empowering workplace for your businesses.


How you will do it?

It’s well known that consumers and industries changing rapidly with different pace. This shift is already well underway in thousands of organizations around the world. Fact is more than half of the commercial active devices using Windows 10. You can see the results in companies like Hendrick Automotive Group, Anheuser-Busch, Fruit of the Loom, City of Corona, and Rogers Communications.

Many of them already start using modern and improved security offered by modern desktops. Check the Microsoft 365 modern desktop ROI Estimator developed by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by Microsoft.